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Precision Block

Precision block can be used for almost any job. These units are smooth-faced, straight-edged CMU. They are the common or “basic” block type. Its texture is the “as molded” finish produced by vibration during manufacture. Precision units offer the most utility and versatility as reflected in the wide range of available units.

Split Face Block

Split face block has a rough, uneven texture with exposed aggregate that can be used to create eye pleasing results in masonry building. Split face blocks begin as two or more precision units molded together and, after a curing period, are placed in a splitting machine. Blades in the machine exert pressure simultaneously on the top, bottom, and sometimes, the sides of the joined units. This literally fractures them apart.

Slump Block

Slump block units offer a warm and rustic appearance with an adobe feel. All face shells and cross webs of a unit are irregularly rounded or bulged with a surface texture ranging from slick to coarse. This is the result of the manufacturing process which uses a “wet” mix. Following the molding of the unit, an additional compression is applied to create the slumped character of the block. The high degree of texture variation produced differs from unit to unit and may be affected by differences in height and length.

Concrete Masonry Unit Dimensions

In expressing the size of a CMU*, it is necessary to state dimensions in proper order: width, height, length (w x h x l). For example, a 6 inch wide, 16 inch long, and 8 inch high unit is termed a 6 x 8 x 16. Reversing the order of the first two dimensions would describe a completely different sized block.

Available Block Types

We manufacture three different finishes or textures: Precision (smooth), Split face (rough; exposed aggregate), and Slump (adobe-like). Variations of textures are inherent in concrete block and help create the warmth and character of a CMU wall. Please refer to the product sections for specific information.

Available Colors

Elliott Block offers a selection of standard and special order integral colors. Your representative can offer specific information and samples to assist in color specifications.

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